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Winter Travel: Best Places to Visit

Winter is the season that most people think of when they think of Europe. However, winter in Europe is a short season- only about six months out of the year. In many parts of Europe, winter is cool, but not cold. The best time to tour Europe is in spring, when the weather is warm and the scenery is at its best. Summer also brings the highest number of tourists to European destinations. After all, it’s the ideal time to see Europe’s famous sites and eat European food.

Northern and Southern Europe both have distinct winter seasons. In the north, winters are cool but not freezing. In more southerly areas, winters are mild and sometimes even warm. Spring arrives later in the north than it does in the south, giving northern cities a longer period of greenery and wildlife. In addition, spring brings less snow to northern areas, ensuring that travelers see more natural landscapes.

Summer is a popular time to visit European destinations as well, since it brings higher tourism numbers. Many travelers plan their European vacations during this time since most sites are open during this quiet season. Some sites are even open all summer long without closing down for winter. It’s a good idea to book your European vacation during summer if possible- you’ll see fewer crowds and will have plenty of time to visit each place.

Choose your travel destination wisely since each season has its advantages. Spring has greener foliage and fewer crowds while summer gives you longer periods of sunshine and fewer closures. Northern and southern Europe each have their own unique qualities that make them stand out during different seasons.