How to take care of the skin to support its regeneration?

Evening facial care

Did you know that at night your skin absorbs nutrients faster than during the day? This is due to the greater permeability of the epidermal barrier. This is why evening facial care is such an important factor in daily beauty care. Your skin is subject to changes in a diurnal cycle called the circadian rhythm. The right cosmetic tricks will help you take advantage of these processes, while cosmetic mistakes will significantly impede nighttime renewal. In the article, we will tell you what the ideal evening facial skin care should look like for best results!

Evening facial care and the diurnal rhythm of the skin

Skin cells, like other cells of the body, are subject to diurnal fluctuations:

  1. at night we observe increased permeability of the epidermal barrier. This allows the skin to better absorb active ingredients from evening care.

2) The amount of sebum secretion decreases, while the rate of transepidermal water loss (TEWL) increases. This is why the epidermal barrier then requires special care, and we close the evening care with a more nourishing product than during the day.

3) In the evening, skin circulation improves, promoting nighttime detoxification of cells, as well as slightly raising skin temperature.

  1. around midnight, the rate of epidermal cell proliferation is highest – this is how the skin repairs the damage done during the day.

Among other things, high levels of melatonin are responsible for your sleep. This is the hormone that determines the process of falling asleep, as well as one of the factors that regulate the diurnal cycle of the skin. It has a very strong influence on the appearance of your complexion, as it also acts as an antioxidant and a factor in delaying the aging process.

In a nutshell, we can say that melatonin promotes nighttime regeneration of skin damage caused by UV radiation during the day, among other things.

The highest concentration of melatonin our body secretes between 2 and 4 at night. In the morning hours, its secretion is inhibited and cortisol enters into action. This is a hormone whose action is opposite – it causes breakdown and inhibits collagen synthesis.

To sum up: at night your body is set to regenerate. Correct evening facial care, which is based on stimulating active ingredients, helps to effectively support natural processes, reduce skin problems and keep a youthful appearance for longer.

The most common mistakes in evening face care

Before we go into what the ideal evening facial care should look like step by step, we will discuss the most common mistakes. They will effectively nullify the effects of even the best and most expensive creams and serums.

Mistake 1: Inaccurate cleansing.
Always, absolutely always remember to wash off your makeup thoroughly! Sleeping in your makeup is the No. 1 enemy of a healthy complexion. Instead of benefiting from its regenerative phase, your skin will be exposed to the growth of harmful bacteria.

If you use UV cream on a daily basis – and we hope you do! – then you need to use a two-step skin cleansing that will help you wash off any residual sunscreen. Skipping this step in skin care can result in the accumulation of more layers on the skin and the clogging of the sebaceous gland outlets, a common consequence of which is pimples.

Mistake 2: Physical clashes with the skin.
If you rub a cotton swab over your eyelids like an apple on a grater when making an apple pie when washing your eyes, you’re probably damaging the epidermal barrier, which is your skin’s natural defender. At night, sebum production slows down, and thus the hydrolipid barrier renews itself more slowly than during the day. Its weakening can affect a greater tendency to irritation and even mild pimples. In the case of sensitive and thin skin around the eyes, this can even lead to the premature formation of wrinkles.

Whether cleansing the face, nourishing or moisturizing it, it is important to handle the skin gently. Instead of rubbing or pulling your facial skin in all directions, gently apply a cotton swab and wait for makeup residue to dissolve.

Mistake 3: Skipping the neck and décolleté.
This is a mistake in both morning and evening facial care that young people especially often make. The neck and décolleté are almost as exposed to the external elements as the face, so they should be cared for with the same thoroughness!

In youth, such mistakes can be forgiven in the short term, but try to find a woman over 50 who doesn’t regret neglecting her neck and cleavage in her routine.

Protection from the sun is the best anti-wrinkle elixir, so make sure your evening care includes more than just your face!

Evening facial care – why is it so important?

Let’s move from theory to practice! Below you will find a sample plan for evening facial care with the use of cosmetics universal cosmetics

Step 1: Makeup removal
The first step in evening facial care is to thoroughly remove makeup. We rely on thoroughly cleansing the skin with a micellar lotion or cleansing emulsion. You will find four different makeup removal products, which differ in their active ingredients. They are selected according to the needs of the skin:

P.S. Remember that micellar liquids are also cleansers and, like gels or makeup remover oils, need to be washed off the face!

Step 2: Facial cleansing
Your skin needs a two-step facial cleansing. Micellar lotion will do a great job of washing away makeup and any remaining UV filters on your skin, but it’s a good idea to also use a facial cleansing gel or a second cleansing emulsion afterwards.

The washing gel or emulsion will help wash away any impurities that the first step failed to remove. This will ensure that your skin is deeply cleansed, allowing the active ingredients in the later stages of skin care to work better.

Step 3: Exfoliate dead skin
1-2 times a week, it’s a good idea to implement into your evening care products that will help effectively remove dead skin. Acidic scrubs will be great for this task.

After washing your face, gently pat it dry with a towel, and then apply the chosen acid for the time indicated on the package.

When choosing acids, it is worth ensuring that the chosen product is matched in intensity and type of acids to the needs of the skin.

Step 4: Stimulate your skin
At night, your skin is more likely to absorb active ingredients. If you want your evening facial care to deliver results, then choose the right substances for your skin type and skin needs:
When choosing them, it’s worth taking into account nighttime skin regeneration. You can effectively support it if your creams contain active ingredients that stimulate this process. What are these ingredients?

We probably won’t surprise you if we put a cosmetic powerhouse at their head, namely retinol/retinal. It will effectively accelerate the regeneration of the skin, smooth out wrinkles and strengthen its resistance. This is one of the best allies in nighttime skin renewal.

For “dessert” it is also worth ensuring the presence in the evening routine of growth factors, which are excellent weapons in the fight against skin damage. They effectively stimulate the growth of epidermal cells, soothe irritation and promote the restoration of proper hydration levels.

Step 5: Moisturize and nourish the skin
It’s time for an aspect that is often underestimated, but works skin care wonders – hydration and nourishment! Completing your routine with this step will close the previous steps, help active ingredients penetrate more effectively and create protection for your skin.

In this step, you can’t skip the ingredients that support the BHL barrier. Such ingredients are trehalose, ceramides, or amino acids. Disruption of the hydrolipid barrier results in faster escape of water from the epidermis, increased susceptibility of the skin to damage, as well as its hypersensitivity.